Insurance & Fees









We are providers for the following Insurance Companies:

 Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Mass Health, Medicare, Network and Tufts.


The majority of insurance carriers do not require a primary care referral.  Although some do require this or a pre-authorization.  It is your responsibility to know your benefits so we highly recommend you verify this with your  insurance company prior to your first visit.  We will however be happy to assist you with questions or problems you may have.


•  Auto Accident Insurance covers chiropractic for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident.  
    The coverage is 100% and referrals are not needed.

•  Workers Compensation Insurance covers chiropractic care for injuries suffered on the job or at      the workplace. The coverage is 100% and referrals are not needed.


Cash Patients

If your insurance does not cover chiropractic there are several options.  The cost of a regular visit is $40. That includes the adjustment and any ancillary therapies. (ultrasound, muscle stim). 

It does NOT include trigger point therapy. 

The cost of the initial examination is $75. We also offer three wellness plans that can significantly reduce the cost of each visit, click HERE for more information.  Visits are bought in a group and there is no limit on when they need to be used.


Trigger Point Therapy


  30 minute season - focuses on one main area of complaint - $40
  50 minute season - two areas of complaint - $60


Please note: In some cases insurance will pay a portion of this.  Please call for details.