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                                                   Dr. Johnston combines the use of chiropractic                                                                    adjustments, mysofascial therapies along with                                                                    ancillary procedures; ultra sound, muscle                                                                            stimulation etc to achieve the best result possible                                                              for her patients. Her knowledge of several ”low force"                                                      techniques and use of massage and physical therapeutics, allows her to treat patients who are not good candidates for “traditional” chiropractic adjustments, such as the elderly. 


Dr. Johnston believes strongly in the concept of patient education. To this end we provide tips and literature on the many ways for patients to avoid and prevent future problems as well as "how to" ways to manage all spinal issues.


She is an active member of several organizations in her community and belongs to a number of professional organizations. Her favorite pursuits in her spare time include, gardening, and reading. 

Dr. Kim Johnston

D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic )

CMTPT ( Certified Myofasical Trigger Point Therapist )



In Loving Memory Of Gracie



“At first I wasn’t sure if Chiropractic care was for me, but I took a chance on something new. I was tired of doctors prescribing me nothing but pain killers all the time. It's been three months of therapy and I feel so much better! Thank you Dr. Johnston! ”

Michelle M. Norwood, MA

“I had a bulging disc in my neck and was told I needed surgery. A friend suggested talking to Dr. Johnston first and and I'm so glad I took her advice! Her treaments worked and best of all -NO surgery needed."

Scott S. Norwood, MA

“'I'm an 83 year old senior who like most thought I was too old to benefit from chiropractic care. Dr. Johnston sees many people my age and older. She really helped me with my severe back pain."


Joan P.  Westwood, MA

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